Consultation Platform for the Animal Feed Chain

GMP Regulation

The GMP consists of three parts:

   - Part A, with the legal provisions
   - Part B, with the GMP provisions
   - Part C, with the certification rules.


If your company wishes to be GMP certified, you will be required to apply both part A and part B.
Not to worry : the chance that you will need to apply all the documents is very small. Depending on your activities, the quality system which you have implemented, must meet the requirements included in some, but not in all the documents. It is therefore essential to decide first which documents will be applicable to your company. In order to facilitate your choice, click here to find a clear overview of those documents applicable to your company.


The filter option is momentarily unavailable. It will be made available again, as soon as possible. In the meantime, in order to facilitate,  your navigation through the various documents, OVOCOM has draw up a document, in which you can clearly find which document is applicable to which activity.


Please note: some documents are only available through use of a login and password. To obtain a login and password, the following rates apply: 

GMP certified companies

Free of charge (included in the GMP fee)*

GMP Certification Bodies and consultants

€ 300 (excl. VAT, annually)**

Non GMP certified companies belonging to the animal feed sector: VSC (very small companies)

€ 100 (excl. VAT, annually)***

Non GMP certified companies belonging to the animal feed sector

€ 150 (excl. VAT, annually)***

Others€ 600 (excl. VAT, annually)

* More information as regards the category of your contributions and  calculations, you will find in document 'CC-01: Rules of Certification’. If you would also like to check your OVOCOM contribution or calculation? This is possible via this link.
** This contribution also includes access to the documents of the G-001.
*** This contribution will be refunded by OVOCOM if, within the year following the sending of the login and password, a GMP certificate is obtained.


To obtain your login and pasword, this can easily requested by sending an email to info[at]ovocom be, clairly mentioning your contact data.

In order to find your way more easily within the structure of the GMP Regulation, we advise you to start reading document 'BC-00: Introduction'. If you are completely new to the GMP system, this document may help you

Important note: some English documents may differ by version of the Dutch and French versions, so please make sure, when using the documents, you're using the latest version. Changes made to a certain document are usually communicated by news letter, which you can find here.


Together the following documents constitute the GMP-Regulation. These documents are updated on a regular basis. The changes with respect to previous versions are always indicated in the history. In addition the changes are indicated in a gray highlighted text. If you wish to consult the documents without the indicated changes? It is possible. Click on ‘GMP documents without indicated changes’. Please note! such a version only exists for documents which were published after 01.08.2013. The changes can still be consulted in the history.


Part A
AC-00 - Introduction (v1.1 - 220813) 332.01 KB
AC-01 - General provisions (v1.1 - 220813) 280.72 KB
AC-02 - Production of animal feed (v1.2 - 220813) 533.67 KB
AC-03 - Trade in animal feed (v1.1 -220813) 304.36 KB
AC-04 - Storage and Transhipment of animal feed (v1.1 - 220813) 216.23 KB
AC-05 - Road transport of animal feed (v1.1 - 220813) 228.11 KB

AT-01 - Legislation (v1.0 - 100214) 489.40 KB
AT-01 - Main Legislative texts relating to the animal feed sector (Belgium) (v0.0 - 100214) 290.17 KB
AT-01 - Main Legislative texts relating to the animal feed sector (Europe) (v0.0 - 100214) 381.91 KB
AT-02 - Notification requirement (v1.1 - 220813) 231.36 KB
AT-03 - Table of standards, Action thresholds and notification limits (v0.9 - 261213) 519.90 KB
AT-04 - Practical realisation of the HACCP Plan (v1.1 - 260913) 445.85 KB
AT-05 - Monitoring (v1.1 - 220813) 558.77 KB
AT-06 - Road transport (v2.0 - 060712) 125.70 KB
AT-07 - Product-sheet for food companies (v1.0 - 090812) 274.81 KB
AT-08 - Cross-contamination (v0.10 - 261113) 769.05 KB
AT-09 - Mycotoxin control (v1.2 -170114) 239.71 KB
AT-10 - Salmonella control (v1.1 - 220813) 201.87 KB
AT-11 - Animal by-products (v1.0 - 090812) 1,495.24 KB
AT-12 - Production of pet food (v1.0 - 090812) 427.43 KB
AT-13 - Procedure for the use of a fine dosing device (v1.0 - 090812) 230.74 KB
AT-14 - Target values for medicated feed (v0.1 - 310114) 147.39 KB


Part B
BC-00 - Introduction (v0.1 - 020513) 186.45 KB
BC-01 - General provisions (v0.5 - 120813) 244.57 KB
BC-02 - Production of animal feed or 'by-products for reprocessing': Complementary provisions (v0.2 - 191212) 206.64 KB
BC-03 - Trade in animal feed or 'by-products for reprocessing': Complementary provisions (v0.0 - 030708) 181.15 KB
BC-04 - Storage and transshipment of animal feed or 'by-products for reprocessing': Complimentary provisions (v0.1 - 221208) 179.62 KB
BC-05 - Road transport of animal feed or 'by-products for reprocessing': Complementary provisions (v0.1 - 191212) 193.48 KB
BC-06 - Chartering of animal feed or 'by-products for reprocessing' via inland waterway (v0.0 - 030708) 232.88 KB
BC-07 - Chartering of animal feed or 'by-products for reprocessing' via marine transport (v0.0 - 030708) 228.77 KB
BC-08 - Hygiene Code for inland waterway transport (v0.0 - 030708) 413.75 KB
BC-09 - Organisation of a transport of animal feed or 'by-products for reprocessing' by rail (specialised wagons) (v0.0 - 030708) 229.13 KB
BC-10 - Meat stores producing Category 3 material - Technical prescriptions (v0.0 - 300913) 374.57 KB

BT-01- Additional standards for animal feed and "by products for reprocessing" (v0.10 - 261213) 572.23 KB
BT-02 - Purchase: General provisions (v0.11 - 030414) 413.55 KB
BT-03 - Purchase : Special provisions (v0.1 - 231210) 170.37 KB
BT-04 - Purchase : Specific purchase protocols (v0.5c - 190312) 614.28 KB
BT-05 - Sector based monitoring (v0.1 - 231210) 76.08 KB
BT-06 - Road transport : Complementary provisions (v1.1 - 081112) 229.85 KB
BT-07 - Food companies (v0.1 - 191212) 218.27 KB
BT-08 - Homogeneity and cross-contamination (v0.2 - 191212) 217.75 KB
BT-09 - Storage and transhipment (v0.0 - 030708) 114.69 KB
BT-10 - Intermediate traders (v0.0 - 030708) 59.16 KB
BT-11 - Sampling and analysis (v0.3 - 191212) 594.86 KB
BT-12 - Execution of internal audits (v0.3 - 020513) 243.96 KB
BT-13 - Control Salmonella (v0.1 - 010713) 226.93 KB
BT-14 - Negative list (v0.0 - 211212) 194.86 KB
BT-15 - Monitoring of fats and oils regarding dioxins and dioxin-like PCBs (v0.0 - 211212) 397.22 KB
BT-16 - Temporary Monitoring (v0.5 - 170314) 560.28 KB


Part C
CC-01 - Rules of certification (v0.7 - 201213) 959.71 KB
CC-03 - Inspection Regulation for meat stores (v.0.1 - 231213) 583.33 KB