Consultation Platform for the Animal Feed Chain

Mutual recognition

In view of facilitating international trade between the GMP companies and their suppliers, OVOCOM vzw/asbl has adopted an interchangeability system between the GMP companies and other existing systems.
All specific provisions are set out thoroughly in technical document ‘BT-02. Purchase : General provisions’.

Further below you will find a short summary. A distinction is made between accepted suppliers and systems accepting the GMP Regulation.

  1. Suppliers accepted within the GMP

    A GMP company can only buy products or services from qualified suppliers.
    This can be a GMP company or a company with a certain certificate. The latter from systems which have been judged equivalent to GMP by OVOCOM and from which, possibly with supplementary conditions, a GMP company can buy. All purchases must be executed in conformity with BT-02 (if necessary with BT-03 and BT-04).

    In this table you will find an enumeration (the possible supplementary conditions being set out in BT-02) :

    Organisation Standard  Additional information
    GMP+ International GMP+ standard see BT-02
    Vegaplan IKKB/GIQF-standard see BT-02
    IFSA IFIS see BT-02
    AIC FEMAS see BT-02
    AIC UFAS see BT-02
    AIC TASCC see BT-02
    QS QS-system see BT-02
    Coceral GTP see BT-02
    Incograin CSA see BT-02
    FAMI-QS FAMI-QS see BT-02
    Qualimat Qualimat-transports see BT-02
    Qualiwag Qualiwag see BT-02
  2. The GMP Regulation is also accepted by other standards

    With some other systems, OVOCOM has reached a mutual recognition on on all or on specific topics. These systems accept the OVOCOM GMP Regulation as an equal partner for the delivery of products or services in their standard.
    You can find these systems in the following table :

    Organisation Standard  Additional information
    GMP+ International GMP+ standard
    QS QS-system
    Qualimat Qualimat-transport

Moreover, several quality labels for finished products originating from livestock keeping (milk, meat, eggs) require that the animal feed be GMP certified.