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Which documents apply to my company?




Overview of those documents applicable to your company.


One must first distinguish those documents which are applicable to all companies (such as for example documents AC-01 and BC-01) from those relating specifically to a given activity (e.g. AC-05 and BC-05 if your company performs transport activities for own account or on behalf of third parties).

The following grid shall allow you to determine which are the key documents required to be applied.



Part A
(Documents AC and AT)



Legal requirements (National and


Part B
(Documents BC and BT)


Sector based requirements (National
and International)


Part C
(Documents CC)



Requirements linked to the certification and use of logo

Legal requirements for sectors with key  activities (production, trade/import, storage/handling, transport) Sector based and international requirements. It also includes specific interpretations as well as texts relating to more specific activities (inland waterway transport, chartering activities, production of Category 3 materials originating from meat stores, etc.) Regulations related to certification and inspection of participants.


To be certified ‘FCA’, you must be able to demonstrate that you comply with the requirements included in the documents A and B, applicable to your situation.


Parts A and B are divided into chapters (documents AC- and BC-) and in technical documents (documents AT- and BT-).


Documents of the AC- and BC- series describe the specific requirements, while remaining fairly general, so that each company may find the best possible way in which to apply them. For example, it is requested to implement a high performance traceability system. Records which should be kept as well as minimum storage times are specified, but the practical implementation is left to the participant.


Also the document series  AC- and BC-, refer to other texts that complete the basic requirements. These texts are included in the AT- or BT- series. Many of these texts are common to numerous activities (e.g. ‘AT-05 : Monitoring’  or ‘AT-09 : Mycotoxin control’) but others have specifically been developed for a sector (ex : ‘AT-12 - Production of pet food).




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