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What is the difference between a certificate 'GMP Animal feed' and a certificate ‘Feed Chain Alliance'?

There is  no difference. The name 'GMP Animal Feed'  has simply changed to 'Feed Chain Alliance Standard' (FCA). Nothing else changes to your familiar Standard. Also the contribution itself shall remain the same. Both logos may be used alongside each other.

When can I use the FCA-logo?


The FCA logo and  FCA vignette are in force since 21/05/2015, but you can only use them if you hold an FCA or GMP Certificate.



What to do with products still have the GMP label?

All products labeled during the transitional period (21/05/2015 - 22/05/2018) and still having the old logo, may continue to use them until depletion of stock. 

Do I need to renew my current certificate or attestation?

No. Your  current certificate shall remain valid,  regardless of whether it states "GMP Animal Feed" or "FCA Standard". Upon receiving your new certificate it will be an FCA Certificate. On 22/11/2018  all  GMP certificates will be replaced by FCA Certificates.

Where can I add the FCA logo?

You may add the FCA logo and FCA vignette  on documents,  invoices, your website, installations and vehicles, labels, …

What is the difference with the FCA Logo and the FCA Vignette?

There is no difference at the level of application between the FCA-logo and the FCA vignette. Depending on the mode of communication , you are free to choose the one you wish to apply, (documents, label, website,  …).

Do you want to know more?

Read document ‘CC-01: Certification Rules’ or 'Transitional measures FCA logo'.





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