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Proper cleaning of loading space, the best way to prevent contamination

In a world where huge efforts are made to limit the spread of viruses like H3 (influenza) or ASF, it is essential to avoid any risk of contamination. In this context it is important to apply the correct cleaning regime.


One of the first precautions to take is to pay particular attention to the cleanliness of the loading space of your trucks or those of your partners. Respecting the cleaning regimes is a requirement of the FCA Standard. Each company active in feed transport must strictly apply those measures.


What precautions should you take?


Always ensure that the correct cleaning regime (you will find them in the IDTF database) is respected.


Also, pay particular attention to (organic) fertilizer transport, as organic fertilizer is a known vector of viruses. Also note that the transport of certain types of organic fertilizers is prohibited by the Standard FCA.


Remain particularly vigilant when using walking floors, since these can also be used for bulk transport of organic fertilizers from cattle-breeding areas to arable areas. This type of transport is more difficult to clean, due to the way these vessels are constructed. It is therefore essential to take your time for the cleaning and / or disinfecting of this type of transport.


Each loading space (including walking floors) should always be dry and exempt of odours.


You must inform OVOCOM when a complaint occurs resulting from the refusal of a load after the detection of an unusual smell (fertilizer) or a visible contamination by fertilizers / silt in the loading space. This notification must always be communicated in writing via info@ovocom.be.

12 Jul 2019


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