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Attention to correct labelling of feed, including GMO indications!

After a recent incident with the delivery of GMO maize that was not labelled as such, we would like to draw your attention to the correct application of the mandatory GMO labelling.


Not mentioning the presence of GMOs (more than 0.9%) is a breach of the labelling obligation in the GMO legislation* and specific provisions in the FCA standard [e.g. FCA document AC-02 (point 10) or AC-03 (point 8)]. Not following the obligations concerning the applicable GMO labelling can have far-reaching consequences in the Feed chain. It may lead to a non-conformity.


Upon purchase and delivery, documents of incoming animal feed must be subject to control. This documentary control obviously relates to the origin of the animal feed (correspondence between purchase specifications, delivery note and invoice), but also to the labelling of GMOs.

Moreover, we remind you of the existing obligations in the FCA standard regarding the Aflatoxin protocol for maize from various origins, whereby you are asked to pass on the analysis results further along the chain (document FCA BT-16).


The FCA auditors will pay particular attention to these specific points in subsequent FCA audits.


* References:

18 Feb 2021


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