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Deliveries to poultry farmers IKB Ei : Module I-02

By analogy with deliveries to dairy farmers complying with NZO, additional requirements apply to deliveries to (laying) poultry farmers participating in IKB Ei (NL). FCA companies that deliver directly to (laying) poultry farmers (IKB Ei) should be certified according to the specifications of IKB Ei and be mentioned on the list of approved companies.


Regarding food safety, OVOCOM has developed a separate module, titled, Module I-02: Direct supply to (laying) poultry farmers (IKB Ei), in order for FCA certified companies to comply with these specific additional market requirements. The OVOCOM module was approved by IKB Ei.


Companies that supply directly to (laying) poultry farmers (IKB Ei) can apply (info@ovocom.be) to participate in this module. These are mainly Dutch (laying) poultry farmers, but there may also be Belgian (laying) poultry farmers who participate in IKB Ei.


More information about our Module I-02 for IKB Ei can be found on our website on the IKB Ei page (only available in French and Dutch for now).


Module I-01 NZO: Did you know ?


Companies that deliver directly to dairy farmers and comply with the NZO specifications must be certified according to the additional conditions of NZO and be published on the NZO White List. For FCA companies, this can be done through participation in the optional module I-01 (NZO). This is broader than deliveries to Dutch dairy farmers. It may also concern Belgian or German dairy farmers who are affiliated with NZO and it also applies to goat farmers (both Dutch and Belgian) who supply milk in accordance with NZO (including KwaliGeit specifications)!

09 Jul 2021


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