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80. Modification of “BT-02: purchase: general provisions”

FCA document BT-02 has been adapted following the (temporary) mutual recognition agreements that have recently been concluded with scheme holders Oqualim, Fami-QS and CSA / GTP.

79. FCA (OVOCOM) and FAMI-QS move ahead with renewal and extension of mutual recognition agreement

On December 7th 2017, OVOCOM and FAMI-QS have signed a renewed mutual recognition agreement. The agreement is valid for two years, e.g. until December 31st 2019.

78. Temporary mutual recognition between Oqualim and OVOCOM

Feed safety scheme holders in Europe unite to harmonize temporary mutual recognition between OQUALIM and AIC, GMP+ International, OVOCOM and QS effective as from January 1st 2018.

77. OVOCOM team welcomes new managing director

As of December 15th, 2017 Bart Verhulst is the new Managing Director of OVOCOM vzw / asbl. The baton is handed to him by Katrien D'hooghe, who, after six years at OVOCOM, starts a new challenge at the Belgian Feed Association (BFA).

76. Suspension of FCA certificates

The certificate of the company mentioned below has been suspended on 5/12/2017.

75. Follow-up on regulations – October 2017

This month of October 2017 can be considered ‘quiet’ as far as European publications are concerned. However, two memorandums from the General Food Direction in France (Direction Générale de l’alimentation) drew our attention. The first one reports on a current topic: insects and animal feed. The second one, more technical, discusses the use of animal by-products of milk and milk derivatives.

74. Training courses 2018

L’année prochaine, OVOCOM vous proposera à nouveau toute une gamme de formations de qualité. Découvrez-les ci-dessous ou consultez notre site web.


Avez-vous une suggestion épatante pour nos formations « alimentation animale » ?  N’hésitez pas à nous le faire savoir via info@ovocom.be ou +32 (0)2 514 01 86. En effet, nous sélectionnons nos sujets sur base des intérêts du secteur.

72. Monitoring aflatoxine B1 en maïs

A reassessment of the risk classification of countries (see FCA-document ‘BT-16: Temporary Monitoring’), based on Aflatoxin results received, has led to the following changes :

73. Reminder: the transitional period for “GMP becomes FCA” is near its end

Although the acronym "FCA" is fast becoming commonplace, sometimes we still discover a reference to the old name "GMP". So let’s jog your memory.

71. Amendment of document ‘AT-08 - cross-contamination’

Document AT-08 has been updated following the publication of Execution regulation (EU) 2017/1914 on 20/10/2017. As a result, the tables at point IV have been revised.

70. Modification of the FCA document ‘CC-01: Certification rules’

Des modifications ont été apportées au règlement de Certification du Standard FCA. Elles concernent : Dossier auditeur – Ajout du scope ‘MH’ à l’examen de type 1. Dorénavant, les auditeurs qui auront réussi l’examen de type 1 pourront également être qualifiés pour le scope ‘MH’ : Mise sur le marché d’aliments composés produits par un tiers.

69. Mutual recognition with Oqualim possible as from 1st of January 2018

Recently, AIC, GMP+ International, OVOCOM, OQUALIM and QS agreed upon a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to reach full mutual recognition among each other.

For many years, the four organizations (AIC, GMP+ International, Ovocom and QS) have already signed agreement about the said collaboration.

68. Suspension of FCA certificates

The certificate of the company mentioned below has been suspended on 25/10/2017.

67. Amendment of document ‘AT-08 - cross-contamination’

Document AT-08 has been updated following the communication of 1 new multiplication factor for the premix Pigfen 40 mg/g.

66. Monitoring of Aflatoxin B1 in maize

A reassessment of the risk classification of countries (see FCA-document ‘BT-16: Temporary Monitoring’), based on Aflatoxin results received, has led to the following changes :

65. Follow-up on regulations – September 2017

This month of September 2017 is not very rich in specific texts: MRL changes for plant protection products or drug substances as well as information on border posts and instructions for export ... and that's about it.

64. Inspection Regulation for inland waterway vessels : OVC-04 becomes CC-04

The document ‘OVC-04 : Conditions for the appointment of inspection bodies for verification of inland waterway vessels’ has been developed as a procedure to OVOCOM and the inspection bodies when appointing inspection bodies wishing to be accepted to check if the vessels correspond to the FCA document ’BC-08 : Hygiene Code for inland waterway transport’.

63. Follow-up on regulations – August 2017

In September, we organize a lot of training courses. That's why we present this follow-up on regulations of August with some delay. But what happened during this holiday season?

62. Inspection of meat stores: modification of document FCA BC-10

Following the publication of the Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2017/1396 as regards the BSE status of certain countries such as Poland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Costa Rica, the Status of these countries has been changed (countries with a controlled risk à countries with a negligible risk).

61. EWS Mycotoxins harvest cereals 2017

For many years, three OVOCOM members (Apfaca, ARMB and Synagra) are working together towards a targeted monitoring with respect to the presence of mycotoxins in wheat, barley, rye, oats, triticale and spelt. Such monitoring carried out as quickly as possible after harvest (early warning), allows us to estimate the “degree of contamination” of mycotoxins in cereals.




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